How to take action and just do it?


Human beeings are the most rationalizing creature ever invented. There had never been a bigger rationalizing species in the history of the world. You can live for short term temporal pleasure but here is a problem that things are good for sex and they are not anything good for long term. You are watching American […]

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Get out of your comfort zone – embrace the stress


Learning is only there when you’re in a situation that is super super stressful for you. So i have to put myself continuously in the situations were I’m under high pressure because only then I will learn a lot. And the fact that I learn is good. Which means: high stress is good as well. […]

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11 Essentials For Taking Kids To The Beach

Taking the kids along is supposed to make any trip to the beach even more fun. But kids have special needs that, in all the excitement of planning and packing, get frequently overlooked. That’s especially true when you’re traveling with older teens, older adults or multiple generations. All those competing needs can let the littler […]

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