The wedding is over and the honeymoon occurred a couple months ago. And, now a young couple finds themselves with a baby on the way. Much like planning for a wedding you plan for having a baby. It can cost over $300,000 to raise a child. Here comes on of the toughest challenges that young […]

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Wouldn’t it be great if money grew on trees? Seriously, if I could plant a “money seed” for it to grow into a giant Sequoia tree…umm…that would be wonderful! Well, we know money does not grow on trees. We have to earn it one way or another. And working for your money can be hard […]

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Your alarm goes off at 6:30am. You hit the snooze button and ten minutes later it goes off again. You get up and turn to your window to notice the cloudy weather. You think to yourself why you couldn’t have gone to bed an hour earlier. Quickly, you sort through your mind on the type […]

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how to improve blog quality

There are many ways to err in investing your money. The plethora of investment choices to choose from can be overwhelming. Do you pick large-cap value stocks, blue-chip companies, an equity fund , a bond fund, index fund, Treasury Bonds, or how about a Puerto Rico Municipal Bond? The truth is somebody is making money […]

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How to Make Big Money Mistakes

Most people are sensitive to losing money. It boggles my mind when people become wasteful spenders. These are the same pusillanimous people who mention their aversion to losing money in the market. They will spend their hard-earned, 9am-5pm (sometimes overtime) job money on useless, forgetful, unwanted and expensive purchases. Ever heard someone say “Oh, it’s […]

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Top 5 College Student Money Mistakes

One of the great things about living your life during your 20s are the “UH-HUH” moments.  It seems each year you will learn something new about your friends or even about yourself.  You learn that you can cram for a test 5 hours before you take the test. And you learn how valuable sleep is […]

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Quick Finance Tips for 20 Somethings

finance tips

Priortizing your debtFirst you (Generation Y) needs to understand how you accumulated the debt. Was the debt accumulated due to car repairs? Shopping? Education (student loans)? Vacationing? You need to identify the reasons. The debt could be good debt (potential for increase in value, such as education) or bad debt (no potential for increase in value). […]

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How to AFFORD a Higher Education


College tuition is in a league of its own.  It seems to me college tuition outpaces the rate of inflation by 2 to 3 percent.  If inflation is at four percent, then college tuition is increased by six percent. Even in deflationary times, like in 2009, college tuition didn’t deflate.  In fact, it inflated!  It seems we […]

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The Love Of Money

Imagine a financial vehicle providing tax free money. You don’t have to be eligible to withdraw the money at age 59 ½ . You will not be mandated to a RMD (Required Minimum Distribution) like a Traditional IRA. You are not limited to $5,000 maximum contribution limit like the Roth and Traditional IRAs. According to […]

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Money is delicious! Let’s make some more


With a vivid blend of the old and also the new, Playa del Carmen provides an unsurpassed mix of very easy contentments and also advanced appeals. Playa del Carmen has a few of one of one of the most high end shopping centers, extravagant eating establishments along with occurring nightclubs exist side-by-side in harmony along […]

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