Summer Date Ideas

With the sun beating down on your skin, you have decided that you and your significant other should spend the day at the beach together. Summer beach date ideas are abundant but in case you can’t think of any, we are here to help you. Boogie Boarding For those of you that aren’t familiar with the term, boogie boarding refers to riding on your stomach on a board in the waves. This activity is similar to surfing except that you don’t stand on the board. This is much better for a casual date and those… Continue reading…

No matter how hot it gets outside, it shouldn’t hold you back from having a romantic time of your own while using one of our free summer date ideas. All of the ideas you will see below will help you fight the heat all while having a great time with your companion. The best part? This article contains only free ideas so you can put your wallet or purse away and enjoy the creativity that free summer date ideas have to offer. Get that Girl a Pole We know the first thing that came to… Continue reading…

The pool just opened, kids are out for the summer but you are still looking for some cheap summer date ideas. Put away those winter ideas and start thinking about some fun ways to beat the heat. Our website has lots of original date ideas and this specific article will cover only cheap summer date ideas that you can use this season. Pitch a Tent If you check the local weather stations you just might find that perfect weekend for a camping trip. Unlike in the winter, camping in the summer requires a lot less… Continue reading…

Summer Date Ideas

The temperature continues to rise and you are starting to look for summer date ideas. Put away that list full of old ideas that you have already crossed off multiple and take a look at our ideas. Just because it is summer doesn’t mean you should have to stay inside an air conditioned room all day. These summer date ideas will be sure to keep things fresh between you and the one you are sweet on.

Go Jogging Together

Okay don’t tell your sweetheart that they need to lose some way and that this is the way to do it. That is definitely not the way to go about mentioning this idea. Instead, ask if the other person would like to go jogging with you. Everyone needs physical activity to stay healthy and what better way to get this done than with your partner?

Hit the Alleys

Maybe you can’t bowl a perfect game but that doesn’t mean you can’t have fun this summer while bowling. Make your way to the local bowling alley and you can be sure to escape the heat with this summer date idea.

Row Row Row your Boat

While not an option available to everyone, this we just have to include this in our summer date ideas list. Rowing a boat with your companion can be a great team-building experience for the two of you. This also gives you lots of physical exercise which as we said before, has never hurt. This date is definitely demanding but it perfect for any couple looking to get in shape or stay in shape. On top of that, depending on the location it could very well be a very scenic ride. Lots of places offer boat rentals as well as canoe rentals so be sure to check your local directories and get to rowing!

Fun in the Sand

If you live near a beach you should definitely go enjoy it. Whether you are a surfer or a city dweller, the beach provides an opportunity to get away for awhile. This date idea is kid friendly so you can take the whole family along. Simply head to the beach with some sunblock, beach towels, and your swim suit. Once there, you can take this date in any direction you want. Some of our summer date ideas for the beach include: teaching your date how to surf, body surfing in the waves, collecting sea shells with your love, skim-boarding, tanning in the sun, chatting under umbrellas and the always classic of just walking down the beach line.

This One’s for the Youngin’s

All you need is two brooms and something to act as the “puck”. This could be a pair of socks stuffed into each other or maybe a tennis ball. Find a nice spacious area and play some good ole fashioned broom hockey. Try not to beat your boyfriend or girlfriend too bad!

Play Truth or Dare

This might be a little juvenile for some but this summer date idea is as fun as you make it. Set the mood by allowing the other person to go first and then adjust the gameplay from there. This can be one of those fun summer date ideas or it could turn into a more passionate one, who knows.

Get the Soap and Bucket Ready

There is never a bad time to wash your ride off. Everyone has some soap and a bucket that they can fill with water. Turn the boring job of washing your car into an exciting date with your partner. Have your date dress appropriately and you can surprise them by getting them wet with the water hose. Just don’t come complaining to use if they are the ones that turn the hose on you!

Learn More About your Partner

The internet has loads of surveys and lists full of questions. Simply do a search for whatever kind of surveys or questions you want and ask each other these questions. You can learn so much just by asking these questions. This is a great way to spark interesting conversations all while letting the other person to get a chance to talk about themselves. A list of 20 questions to ask your partner might give you over an hour worth of topics to discuss. Summer date ideas can’t always be repeated multiple times but this is one that you can do over and over again without the two of you ever losing interest. Just find a new list of questions every time and you will have hours of quality entertainment.

For the Close Couples Out There

Exactly how close are you with our boyfriend or girlfriend? For this idea you will doing each others hair and the guy will be doing your makeup. Girls, for this idea you better make sure that you don’t have anywhere to go later that day because your boyfriend might not be the best makeup artist. Even though you will look like a raccoon and your boyfriend will look all pretty, this makes the list of silly summer date ideas that can still be enjoyable.

Look Up in the Sky

Wait until the sun has set and the temperature has dropped. Take your date outside to somewhere that doesn’t have a lot of light pollution. This could be a field or even just a parking lot that isn’t blindly lit up. Look into the sky and let the star gazing begin. Summer date ideas like these are some of the best because they let you get close to the other person while allowing you to get to know them even better.

A Good Deed for the Community

Wheelchair ramps are always in need and you haven’t put those pretty hands of yours to work in awhile. Hit your local hardware store and get all the supplies you need to build a wheelchair ramp for someone in need of one. This idea isn’t free but it will surely be appreciated by whoever benefits from your hard work and effort. If you need some summer date ideas that would satisfy your desire to help the less fortunate, this one is perfect for you.

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