The Secret is Bunk – How to Really Attract Whatever You Want


We’ve been sold a lie.

You may be thinking which one? There are new ones told each week that a surprising amount of people for whatever reason cant seam to see through.

The lie I’m talking about isn’t so much a malicious lie but more a lie of omission, an incomplete message or maybe even just an idea that’s slightly off track. Whatever the case there is an important distinction that needs to be made about how attraction works and how to attract whatever you want.

The universe doesn’t give a fuck about you, your problems, or what your spending your time meditating on. Harsh but it’s true.

We’ve been sold this idea that if you hold tightly to the picture of whatever you want then the universe will conspire to give it to you and I’m here to say that’s a load of shit.

law-of-attractionAssuming we are all working with the same universe, reality is not going to morph for the whims of one person, no matter how special you may be. The universe, I believe, has been doing it’s thing since long before we got here and will be doing it long after we are gone.

And if the universe made a shift for every thought that crossed our minds how would your affirmations not be drowned out by the white noise of the billions of other people all having self indulgent thought?

Think all day but without intelligent action the universe isn’t going to shit gold into your lap.

But not all is lost.

Even though reality doesn’t give a flying fuck about us, it does provide the possibility for us. Among the endless chaotic random happening in the universe, life happened…

Not as something that happened to the universe, but as a part of it. Inseparable from the constant flow of random happenings that never seams to stop. Byproducts of the pool of infinite possibility.

Maybe this flow of possibilities eventually leads to our eventual extinction, maybe not. But one thing is for sure if we were to go extinct, the universe would simply continue doing what it’s always done without making any effort to give you whatever you want.

But for now, we are here. Conscious observers of the inner workings of reality. Little parts of reality that became self aware and noticed the scope of possibility that we’re all dealing with and that we have the power to manipulate conditions to attract outcomes we desire.

And It’s not by thinking really hard about what we want. Like I said, the universe doesn’t care about your problems.  It’s by being a source for the things that naturally attract whatever you want.

This leads me to my revised definition of the law of attraction. From the fluffy idea that the universe conspires to give you whatever you want as long as you’re focused on it, to the more realistic idea that instead of expecting the universe to shift to fit your picture, you need to fall inline with reality and learn to express the things that naturally attract whatever you’re after. We can become a conscious cause to whatever effect we are looking for. Just as long as we get the cause part right.

Some people want it to happen, some wish it would happen, others make it happen. -Michael Jordan

Everything in reality is naturally attracted by a very specific set of conditions. And you, as a conscious creator, can take steps to change those conditions. Sometimes there will be conditions you can’t do much about. It’s unlikely you’ll play in the NBA if you’re five feet tall for example and you’ll probably never be the queen of anything unless you were born into the right family. Sometimes it’s just not in the cards. Luckily for us, although our physical limitations may close a few doors, most things worth pursuing are available to anyone with the drive.

Happiness, love, wealth, health. The list goes on and on, and funny enough, a big part of changing to reflect the conditions that will bring you happiness, love, wealth, and whatever else you may want, is keeping your mental energy focused in the right direction.

To attract health you need to have the right mindset yes, but you also need to eat right, get enough sleep and exercise. You can think think think all day, but it won’t magically change the amount of ho ho’s you shoved down your throat.

To attract anything, you need to align yourself with what naturally attracts whatever you want. It’s not as easy as the secret. It takes time to educate yourself on what actions will produce your desired result but nothing worth having is easy and nothing handed to you will ever be fully appreciated.

Your relationships don’t transform overnight by shifting your focus to love if you’re poor at communicating that love, and your bank account doesn’t burst at the seams if you’re still working that low level 9-5 job and relaxing in your off time. Even if you’re focused on abundance…

Attraction is hard work and you’re never going to sustain results that are beyond your scope of ability. That’s why people who win the lottery rarely stay financially independent. They have no clue how to create the wealth, only how to spend it.

Simply put if you don’t know what actions lead to health, wealth and happiness, focusing on them is going to be a colossal waste of time. Maybe even depressing. Spending all that time and energy focused on the things that just won’t seam to manifest sounds frustrating.

Instead, Simply take the time to find out what actions are most likely to attract whatever you want and then do them… seriously, that’s it.

Happiness = 20 min of reading and conscious implementation every day. And you could say that about anything you want from attracting a wife to a million dollars. whatever you want, you just need to want it bad enough to educate yourself on what naturally attracts what you’re after and then express those things through your thoughts and actions on a consistent basis.


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