Tinder dating tips for guys

Tinder is one of the most popular dating apps in the world. Its very easy to use and find great looking girls to date. If you are like 10 of millions of others across the globe, you have a Tinder account that you occasionally browse. But if you’re serious about acquiring even more dates online, I could virtually ensure that you’re not using it efficiently.

This mobile app provides a special platform for online dating – real-time, low-energy means to comply with prospective dates in your area, without the contrived process of writing a clichéd profile, begging for winks, compeling synthetic humor, or copy-pasting worn out messages you continue reading the net.


Narps.net website will certainly help you to open extra dating tips and tricks for guys and also techniques that will help you acquire more dates, get laid more or even find long-term girlfriend.

Tinder – Get Lots of Matches With These Simple Tips

At this point, Tinder needs no introduction. This online dating up is not so much different from any other method of picking up girls. In here, ladies are looking for quite simple things; a decent, normal-looking guy in a sea of jerks. Now here is the tricky part, its online dating, meaning women are approaching it with some serious cynicism. Not to mention, you have a very limited time and space to make lasting impression. If you’ve been having a matchless experience ever since you signed up for Tinder, here are some tips to turn the tide round:

Pick the right first photo

Essentially, Tinder is a photo-based app, meaning your photos determine whether you will find matches or not. Have three or more photos. One or two is not enough to convince girls of what you really look like. It is important to select photos that are in focus. Pay special attention to your first photo – it has to be the best. Girls are swiping much faster than you are. Beautiful women in huge, busy cities have numerous matches and they don’t have time to view the second picture if they don’t like the first one.

Have a natural profile description

Unless you look like Brad Pit or George Clooney, or you really do not have anything to say, do not leave the bio section blank. Keep it simple and truthful because the point is to meet your match in person eventually. You may give useful info such as your height or occupation. Aim to be a little different; something funny or witty normally works best.

What to say when you have a match

Ok so now you have the perfect photo and a killer bio line. But what do you say to a girl on Tinder when you finally have a match? The best approach is to show her you are interested without coming off as needy. The best lines are the ones that trigger emotional responses.

Others tinder dating tips for guys:

  • Don’t use only group photos use various pictures that represents yourself. Girls are not going to spend their time analyzing and guessing five different photos, trying to decide which guy is you.
  • Show your face in pictures. You can even use good quality selfies.
  • Never use lame openers such as “hey, how are you?” or “whats up?”. Be creative – girls like it.
  • Don’t chat to long. Instead of that, get her number and set a date.
  • Use only good quality pictures.
  • Use “Discovery preferences” to set your filtering – search distance and age.
  • To get more attention, sometimes you can try use “Moments” function to get more likes and initiate chat with “matches”.
  • Don’t be boring while chatting, try to flirt (but not too much).

How to get laid on tinder?

Tinder is perfect app to pick up girls or even to get laid so be creative and active. It makes dating so simple. I know more than 5 my friends who find their long-term relationship partners on tinder. Girls are waiting for you. Take action now!