How to get laid on tinder

Secret technique to use on Tinder to get laid, I called it “Tinder Sex”. You have to understand that there are plenty girls on tinder who want to fuck… And in this article I’m going to show exact steps how to do that… (updated 2016.05)

Have you ever thought of getting laid on tinder constantly? Of course you do! Every dude in the world desires a hareem of young, hot women. What you might not know is that females want to fuck a bunch of men as well. Women are highly sexual creatures. The distinction is, they do not tell the true about it. Rather than fucking you they make use of sex for focus, cash, prefers or to leverage you into a partnership.

When it things come to sex, many women will squander your time but I think you recognize that already. You’re most likely tired of investing lot of money on beverages, taxis and also cover at clubs however still going the home alone. And you are unsatisfied your sexual life…

Perhaps you’ve tried online dating just before however don’t get any dates and one night stands. You invest weeks messaging females to make them feel “comfortable” and “special” just to have them go quiet after you invite for a date.

Read this article and find out how to get laid.


The objectives of this technique are clear:

  1. Find an attractive girl and get a match
  2. Get her phone number fast
  3. Get laid within 24 hours or less on tinder (your goal is not to set a date, but to get laid)

Basic principles and mindset

First of all I want to share my thoughts about basic principles that work and mindset, which is very important.

You have to understand that every new Tinder match is start of a potential new story and you are the creator of it. You have a power in your hands to control interaction the way you want and like. Don’t be a passive guy, that just let things happen, and don’t create the reality you really want.

Every new match is an opportunity for you. Be creative, take action and lead the conversation.

If you change your mindset from being passive to action-taker, you will outplay 50% of guys (good news is that around 50% of guys does not text anything at all to new matches, they just wait for a girl to take first move – wtf?).

Create seductive frame

If you really want to get laid, you have to create seductive frame during the interaction. Girls have to understand that you are here not for long chatting about weather and other irrelevant shit.

Try to trigger these emotions – surprise, excitement, lust, happiness, trust and anticipation.  These emotions help to create attraction also.

Your pictures – most important factor

Don’t think about what to write in “about” section, just leave it blank. Pictures are the most important part if you want to get more matches.

First picture is the first thing that girls judge, so try to put your best picture. I recommend to use picture of your face (just use really quality photo).

Your second picture should represent you in a social situation – with your friends, in the event, with high status people.

Third picture can be from your holidays, where you are having a good time.

Fourth picture – use other good quality photos.

I don’t recommend to use naked or half naked pictures. Tinder doesn’t work well for guys. I know the method called “Tinder Naked”, but not this time.

“About” section

Highly recommend to leave in empty. Photos should communicate about you, not “about” section. The pictures are the only things that matter and can help you to get laid. Girls are not reading this section. Unless you have active Instagram profile, so here you can leave your instagram username.

Getting matches

Now your goal is to get more matches. Don’t filter too much, just swipe right all the girls. Yes, ALL.

It’s a numbers game and your goal – getting laid. So swipe them all right, and then choose.


You don’t want to chat too long. Be friendly (but not Mr. Nice Guy) and charismatic. Your mission is to set a date on that day, not tommorow.

Here is few examples:

On Tinder:

Me: hey Jennifer

Jennifer: hey 🙂

Me: how’s it going cutie 🙂

Jennifer: i’m in the college doing a group project…what about u?

Me: Finishing productive day at the work. Tough project or so-so?

Jennifer: uhgh so so over it though 🙂

Me: Haha, i know that feeling. Text me 123-456-789- easier

Jennifer: ALright!

And thats it – getting numbers is easy. Next I invited Jennifer for a date and easily get laid.

Important tips:

  • Never ever use shirtless pictures (no matter if you have six pack abs or not).
  • Never start conversation writing sexual messages.
  • Add as friend her on Facebook – so she can see your other pictures and more information about you.
  • First date – only on neutral public place.
  • I recommend to leave “about” section blank.

How to hook up on tinder?

Common mistakes every PUA should avoid

1. Not showing your smile in the main picture. Just like in on the internet dating profiles and apps, PUAs try to look “badass”. Many girls do not find the serious wannabe Tyler Durden (from movie “Fight Club”) look eye-catching, they think it is lame and– in a bunch of situations– extremely amusing. Generally, girls are drawn in to images of individuals with natural and comfortable, delighted smiles. An image of you beeing happy and laughing is far more most likely to cause her to swipe to right because smiling communicates healthy and balanced emotions, so thats why you should use picture with your smile as the main picture on Tinder profile.

In addition to this, you must likewise have a few more pictures that communicate DHVs (Demonstration of Higher Value). A photo of you and your buddies having a good time can be excellent – as well as a lot better if there are a couple of females in the picture (DHV signal). A picture of you boarding or doing something extreme will give girls something to talk about..

Many guys often ask me regarding the shirtless pics. In PUA community there is a rule to not show your clothless body in online dating websites, I tryed to use shirtless pics of myself and got a decent amount of matches. The secret right here is to show that you’re having fun in the shirtless pic, not trying to show off your big muscles. Just don’t use shirtless pic as the main picture of your Tinder profile.

getting-laid-tinder-mistakes2. Never use “funny” captions on your pics. If you improve your photo with captions like: ‘hot match of the day’ or ‘the one to choose’, this shouts out ‘hopeless’ more than anything else. It’s barely cryptic as well as as opposed to assuming ‘what a catch’, women simply be questioning why you went to all that initiative. “Funny” caption won’t help you to get laid on Tinder.
3. Texting lame PU opening lines. Tinder has become the zone where every AFC dude thinks the best way to obtain a woman is using the same lame-ass generic pick-up lines you would laugh at while reading an article called “top 50 worst PUA opening lines in human history”. They are either banal or trite. Some men attempt to bait girls right into messaging them back using lame jokes that will certainly be unconvincing or disrespectful. Very few women are going to react and reply to that kind of messages.

Tinder for PC

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