How to hook up on tinder

Tinder is currently among the hottest and finest dating apps for your Android or iOS device. Known for serving as a casual sex tool, Tinder’s system resembles that of ‘Hot or Not’ as it allows the user to swipe to the right if they like someone or to the left if they choose to ignore someone. Using Tinder, compared to other dating apps and sites, is by far easier and finding a casual sex partner is only a matter of minutes, thanks to the large and ever-growing number of users. So, if you are interested but don’t know where to start or what exactly to do, herein, you’ll find tested-and-proven tips on how to hookup using Tinder.


How does Tinder Work?

Once a user is logged in, Tinder displays profiles of possible matches to him/her. Profile info is derived from the users Facebook account and provided location information.

Communication between two Tinder users can only happen if they ‘like’ each other i.e. no communication will happen if one Tinder user ‘likes’ another and the other doesn’t ‘like’ back. Once the other party ‘likes’ back, the chat function activates.

Tinder tries to reduce the chances of users offending or hurting each other by ensuring ‘liking’ and ignoring is done

Tips on how to Hook up on Tinder

Post an Attractive and Relevant Photo

If you just want a hookup and not a partner for traditional dating, make sure your photo tells it all. For ladies, dress in the sexiest manner possible and show some skin if you can. If you are a male, try adopting a more casual and candid look. Formal outfits are not likely to attract naughty females, what you’re looking for.

Be Honest

Make sure the information that gets displayed to other users portrays the real you. Remember, the partner you will find likes you because of what they see on your profile. So, don’t let them get disappointed and walk out on you on your first date. There would be no worse screw-up.

Use a Naughty Tagline

Avoid using clichés like ‘single and ready to mingle’. Trust me you will remain lonely this way. Try to be naughty and suggestive but witty with your pick up lines.

Choose the Right People

Not everyone on Tinder is open to the idea of hooking up. Some might be here just for the fun of playing with your mind, and these are people you should avoid. You can judge someone from their tag line, photo, profile info and by chatting with them.

Play It Cool

Do not let the person matched to you know everything about you even before the first date. Try to be a little mysterious and let him/her crave for that first date. It is a matter of being suggestive and trying.

How to talk on tinder?

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