How to pick up girls on tinder

Any literate individual living in this modern world will have heard of the dating/hook up app Tinder by now; an application that uploads photos and small pieces of information from your Facebook profile, Tinder essentially allows you to like or dislike the profiles that it presents and has proven to be one of the most effective technological tools of attracting the attention of pretty girls and making a connection over a very short period of time.iphone

How to pick up girls on tinder

Tinder is attractive to men and women for different reason; most however will admit to being drawn to the app for the ease with which one can get laid, eliminating the need for endless texts, dates and unnecessary conversations, some steps that might prove crucial in allowing one to attain success on Tinder, possibly even hook up with a partner in no more than two hours, including the following:


Tinder is very superficial and your ability to attract girls will depend on the first impression that you make. Your tagline doesn’t matter nearly as much as you photos. You will need at least one photo that perfectly captures your face. And it doesn’t matter how handsome you are, so long as you get that smile and angle just right. You might also consider including a photo of yourself within a social setting, amongst well groomed friends and acquaintances, the sort of image that screams maturity, sophistication and a fashion sense.

A photo of your body is also likely to hammer the nail into your coffin of success, an image within a relaxed environment (not a selfie taken through the bathroom mirror) that shows how well you care for your physical form. You need to present the best of yourself, at least superficially.



You should consider creating a new Facebook page just for Tinder, one that you can craft to create the perfect image for potential hook ups, this including liking the sorts of pages that girls would normally like,especially popular TV shows.


For men, getting laid is a numbers game, both in the real world and on Tinder; if you want to increase your chances of success, rather than analyzing every fourth moderately attractive girl you see, taking the time to read her profile and whatnot, consider just swiping frequently and getting as many matches as possible. If you can get a sizable number of matches, you can filter them at your leisure for those girls you find attractive.


The purpose of messaging a girl on Tinder is to get her number; this will require that you show interest in her without seeming needy; and how you open the conversation matters. A simple “Hey, how are you?’ will not do. Approach her through her interests and try to emphasize how great a time she would have if she chose to hang out with you. The key is to get an emotional response because then she will take steps to actually look for you.

Keep an eye out for pictures that look a little too professional; it should raise your suspicions as to whether her photos reflect her real life looks, that and whether she shies away from showing images of her body, instead emphasizing a cutsie face in every image. You might even consider searching for her on other social media platforms to get a better understanding of what she really looks like.


How to flirt on tinder?