What To Do When You’re About to Give Up

I’ve never enjoyed the traditional 9-to-5 career path. I always knew I wanted to work for myself but that was an abstract idea far from becoming a reality. Once I graduated college, I started working and I forgot how bad I wanted to be location independent and unattached from the corporate chains.

I spent almost 3 years complaining about my boss, traffic, work environment and the lack of freedom. I always wanted to pursue a different lifestyle but I was unwilling to work to make it happen.

After all the self-pity, fit of rage and my unfulfilling life I decided to do something about it. I started a blog, put my name out there and promoted my blogging services to pursue an independent lifestyle. While that worked great for a few months, I reached a point where I didn’t know what I was doing anymore. I felt my crappy lifestyle was getting worse, since I had to cut off my hobbies and spare time to work on my side hustle. I didn’t have time for my girlfriend, my family or myself. I felt stuck and I spent the next few weeks procrastinating and wasting my time on meaningless activities.  While I know it wasn’t the best decision, I needed to take some time off. I was exhausted, almost burned out. So I gave my brain a break from work. If you’re struggling with achieving a goal, sometimes the best thing to do is to forget about the goal at all. Take a few days to understand your inner reasons. Why do you want to give up? Knowing that will help you to plan your next steps.  In my case, I started to forget why I was working my butt off. I had a goal: Controlling my schedule and earning more money. However, I was only seeing my busy schedule and I overlooked the good things happening in my life. My business bank account was growing and I had built momentum, which would had helped me to land more clients. I had an incredible girlfriend who supported me, I received positive feedback from clients and I was increasing my savings for my new apartment. What have you accomplished since you decided to pursue your goals? It doesn’t matter how little or big your success is. You’re making some progress and you should be proud of that. If you’re just starting out, identify your goal and keep it always in mind. Put a picture of your goal in the fridge, stick a post-it to your computer. Whatever that works for you. If you find out your goal is not enough, find something to help you to stay motivated. When I first started my blog, I read some other websites to keep on track. Those bloggers were doing exactly what I wanted to do. They were travelling, they worked from home and they organized awesome conferences. They inspired me to follow their path.

You could do the same. Look for a role model, an accountability partner or a coach. This person can help you to find the motivation you need or give you words of wisdom when you don’t know what to do next.

You could also change your routine to live a more desirable lifestyle. Small changes can affect your motivation. For example, I hated the fact that I wasn’t going out, so I began going to the movies or catching up with friends every once in a while.

What can you do today to make your life more bearable?  One of the best things you could do when you’re about to quit is to imagine what would happen if you decided to give up on your dreams.

In my case, that would mean spending the rest of my life commuting every work day to a job I’m not satisfied with. I’d only have a few weeks off every year, and I’d rely on my paycheck to follow my passions. That would mean I’d only earn as much money as I could as a salaried employee instead of a business owner. That idea gives me goosebumps.

Discover your own worst case scenarios and use it as a trigger.  Sometimes it happens. You change and your goals aren’t aligned with your life anymore. Don’t force yourself to pursue a goal if that’s not what you want. Just make sure that’s the case and you’re not confusing your lack of motivation with fear of success or failure. When you’re sure you want to give up, then do it! Change your goals and start new ones you can feel excited about.  Have this ever happened to you?

Are you experiencing a similar situation?

What do you plan to do next?

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