Where Married Women Are Looking For Married Men: the ideal affair partner?

Remember old saying that failing to plan is planning to fail? Guess what? It is true. You plan should include at least the following. What is your alibi?

You need to get you alibi straight. You must know exactly, according to your alibi, where are you going and where you will be. Practice your alibi backward and forward and have a backup plan.You can hire someone to call you spouse and talk about your alibi over the phone. Look at the Alibi Network website if you want this to be done professionally.When and how often?

You need to decide how often you will go out. I recommend going out one time per week. And make sure you always going different places every week even if you are not going out with your lover.

The less often you will go out the safer you will be as long as you keep to once per week  schedule. The more frequently you are with your  lover the more you need to pay attention and be aware.

The ideal time is during the day. You can take longer lunches or schedule an off-site meeting.How far you will travel?

It is generally a good idea to stay away from the area you live in and work. As a rule of thumb, stay away from you usual area but do not travel further than 50 miles. Using your long term business traveling is an option.Who is your lover?

The most important thing is to ]carefully choose your affair partner. If you’re thinking about having an affair with someone you know, think again.

Another common mistakes people make is to going for an affair with a single woman. The problem with single women is they can easily can get emotionally attached and they have nothing to loose. It is very easy for them to destroy your marriage.

The ideal affair partner is someone who is married too simply because they have as much to loose as you do.Where will you go?

Get creative here. Hotels are too obvious. Think secluded parks with lots of trees, lakes, boat rentals. During the day when school is in such places are almost empty. You can expect less people.

If you decide to go hotel route, remember to you fake name to reserve a room in a hotel that doesn’t require ID and will accept cash. If you are out of town on business get a room in the hotel in your name and ask you lover to get one that connects to yours inside.

Having a right mindset is crucial. You need to be very honest with yourself. You need to face yourself and understand WHAT you are about to do and WHY are you doing it. You have a good reason to have an affair. If you are not honest with yourself you will feel guilty. As soon as you feel guilty, it will transfer into your behavior and you’re done. You will behave like a guilty person and you will get caught.

Therefore, be confident in everything you do and believe in yourself and it will transfer into your behavior. Never think or feel what you are doing is bad. Remember, YOU ARE A GOOD PERSON. Drill it into your mind.

To have a successful affair you need to be able to spend some time away from your partner for a required period of time. You need to have a solid alibi and a story and practice it before you start having a real affair. You must have a solid story and know every detail. Expect to be tested by your spouse. Never change your story or you will be busted. If you can’t create a solid alibi yourself, there are companies like Alibi Network who can organize a good alibi for you. But at the end of the day it is up to you to have your story straight. So, create yourself an alibi and start practicing it now.

When you have your story and alibi you should expect to be asked all sorts of questions about it. Your job is to have an answer for everything. Make sure your answers are reasonable. Have some answers that are off the wall and cause a jerk in thought. Be ready for anything.

To sum it up:

Get your WHY straight


Practice, practice, practice your alibi

Always have an answer to any questions

Practice it even before you go for any affair related activities. Practice it just for the sake of having a practice. It should become your second nature before you go to the next part.

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