Winter Date Ideas


It’s that time of year again! Love is in the air and planning that special night is on your mind. Whether this is your first Valentine’s Day together or your twentieth, it should always be special. Need some ideas to help get you through that special night? Below are five great dates that will leave this Valentine’s Day forever in her heart, and you forever on her mind.Date One – This date takes some planning so make sure you think ahead. Sneak into his or her undergarment drawer. Find a pair of undies that you have… Continue reading…

Creative Winter Date Ideas Are you trying to think of creative winter date ideas? We are here to help you find just what you need. By the time you finish reading all of this article, you will have a few nice and creative winter date ideas to try out for the first time. Give Back to the Community During the winter time, soup kitchens are always in need of help. This isn’t going to be a good first date but it is still an excellent choice for any established couple looking for some creative winter… Continue reading…

Unique Winter Date Ideas Cold weather has never stopped people from having a good time, so why should you postpone your dates until the weather gets warmer? Our unique winter date ideas are some of the best ideas that you have never thought of. Check them out and give ‘em a try. Chocolate Fountain It’s a fact that everybody loves chocolate during the winter season. There is just nothing tastier than a cold strawberry freshly dipped in a warm fountain of chocolate. That’s right, for this date you will need a Fondue Fountain. Picked up… Continue reading…

Winter date ideas for teenagers often involve some really fun activities. Don’t let the weather stop you from having a great date. Instead, use the weather to have a great date. Make Cookies Together Making cookies together is something that can be done indoors when it is just too cold to go outside. This date cost very minimal and anyone can do it! You don’t have to be living on your own or hiding from the parents with this idea. Just tell mom you are going to use her oven and bake away. Deliver Treats… Continue reading…

If the leaves have already fallen and the trees are bare you probably looking for some free winter date ideas for you and your significant other to go on. You can’t wear shorts and a t shirt outside anymore, but that shouldn’t stop you from having fun. Put on an old sweatshirt and jeans and go have some fun! Enjoy the weather and the date opportunities that can only be executed in the winter. Sing Around a Campfire and Have S’mores Making a nice warm fire doesn’t cost anything at all. The location options are… Continue reading…

Cheap Winter Date Ideas for You Winter’s knocking the door, but don’t let your romantic date freeze into a bore!! Why should bone chilling temperatures and expensive bills deter you from having a memorable experience with the most special person in your life? When you think of a date, it doesn’t necessarily has to be an expensive one at some lavish hotel or a weekend getaway to some warm location. Here are some fantastic cheap winter date ideas to sizzle up romance with your beloved. Romance on Ice Skating Who said you cannot romance while… Continue reading…

Winter Date Ideas

Winter Date Ideas that are truly unique to the Winter season are some of the most fun dates you will ever go on! Staying at home and sleeping for animals that hibernate, so go put yourself out there and enjoy the cold weather with your significant other!

Go Window Shopping

Window shopping during Christmastime is really something else. The stores are packed with items and are ready to make some sales. That being said, you don’t have to spend a single dime to enjoy all of these beautiful displays. Walk around a shopping center with your date and check out all of the stores. It’s often the smaller shops that have the most interesting things in their windows.

Go Shopping with your Date

So you don’t just wanna go window shopping. The paycheck you just cashed is burning a hole in your pocket. Now is the time to start purchasing all those gifts that you need to give to the family. Of course, you can shop for your significant other while you are with them, but you can knock out most of your holiday shopping while you are with them. Sometimes your date will have great gift ideas that you never would have thought of giving to others.

Walk Around a Lake

Most people don’t live too far away from their closest lake. Go take a walk with your love and enjoy their company. If the lake is frozen check out if you you can ice skate there. If not, try skipping stones on the lake. See who can get the most skips on a single throw.

Take a Ride on the White Powder

Skiing and Snowmobiling are exclusively done during Winter. Head to the slopes and enjoy a full day on the mountain. If neither of you have been before, this will be a great opportunity to laugh together. This isn’t the cheapest of dates but it definitely is loads of fun! Before the snow melts, you better enjoy one of these Winter date ideas!

Bake a Cake Together

Baking a cake together is one of the simplest Winter date ideas. All you need is to buy the cake mix or ingredients and the ability to follow a recipe! Trust me, this is one easy idea that you will definitely want to give a try this season.

Bake Cookies Together

Just like baking cake, this idea is not hard at all. To add a spin on this idea, donate the cookies to a local place that could use them. Decorate them with sweet messages and give them to the hospital closest to your house. After all, the Winter season is the time for giving.

Visit a Winter Parade

There are some parades that are exclusively done in the Winter time. Why not head out the the streets and check out some of the extravagant displays that people worked hard on? After you spend some time doing that, try and find a food cart with the most appetizing meal and dig in! Remember, Winter date ideas don’t have to cost a fortune.

Make Crafts Together

Just gather some art supplies or molding clay and leave the rest to your imagination. The minimum you need for this is just some markers and paper. Let your imagination run wild and have lots of fun with it. If you want to turn this idea into a good deed, make some nice signs and hang them up all over the place. Hospitals are always a great place for some nice signs with loving messages on them. If you want to be creative in a simple way, make some paper snowflakes.

Go to an Ice Show Together

Depending on where you live, this may or may not be an option for you. That being said, ice shows go on throughout the whole Winter season. Most women will appreciate any guy who attends a performance on ice with her.

Heat Up the Old Fireplace

One of our Winter date ideas that can only be appreciated in the Winter time is having a fire in the fireplace. Fireside chats with your lover can be quite romantic. If you are of legal age, buy a nice bottle of wine before you have the date and bring it out when it is time. Either way, this is one of our Winter date ideas that is sure to send sparks flyin’.

Go to a Local Hockey Game

Hockey games can be a lot of fun for guys to watch (girls too, depending on who you ask). Why not head down to the closest venue and watch a game. If you don’t want to spend to much you can always watch a high school or college game. Either way this is a date can that only be enjoyed during the Winter.

Warm Up with Some Hot Cocoa

Hot Cocoa is the drink of choice when it gets cold outside and the leaves have fallen. Treat your date to some hot cocoa at a coffee shop or go back to your place and make some together. Either way this is will be a great way to warm up next to your pride and joy.

Go Hot Tubbing

Hot Tubs can be a great place to escape that freezing weather. Not only that, they are often a great place for romance. Whatever your intentions are, a date involving hot tubs is one you will want to add to your list this winter season.

Go Caroling

People have been caroling forever! It has to be lots of fun, right? Go see for yourself. Be sure to go with a group you know real well so that no one feels left out. This will ensure that everyone has the best experience possible on this date.

Check out Christmas Lights

No matter what age you are, you will never be too old to go check out the Christmas Lights. You can keep it simple by driving or walking around the neighborhood with your date for awhile. The other option is to check out where the best lights display is in your town and pay a visit to that place. Whether you are married or just dating, this is one of those Winter date ideas that will leave a lasting impression on your date and a good feeling in your heart.

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