Wisdom to inspire the soul

Today I would like to share with you wisdom that will inspire you and your soul. I collected these words of wisdom during three years. Please enjoy and share with your friends.

  • Most people are afraid that something will work–rather than not work—because we would lose interest in our present games, our familiar problems, our act, our enduring personal relationships, etc.
  • Experience your negative emotions until you begin to get that you’ll do anything to keep from ending your acts and experience what’s happening right here and now.
  • You’re living life through your rear-view mirror.
  • Don’t try to do anything. Just do, just be.
  • You have current beliefs and lies you live by that try and convince you your lives do work.
  • The harder you try the worse you feel.
  • Ideas and beliefs destroys experience.
  • Having a belief in God destroys experiencing God.
  • Ideas about God are deadly, deep on the scale of non-experience.
  • You have to go through nothing. To accept whatever happens in your life as just a process of life itself.
  • You’re perfect the way you are.
  • When you really know something–then beliefs, thoughts and feelings about it are not necessary.
  • We cross the line when we get out of beliefs and feelings and simply observe. When you go beyond the level of observing, you get to the level of what is called realization—that’s the Aha! Experience!
  • All belief is the least reliable form of knowing. It represents uncertainty.
  • I am and have been OK…
  • I can do and be whatever I want to do or be
  • Providing it does not bring harm to other human beings.
  • It is all right for me to be this way
  • I love and have been loved and am loving
  • I recognize this and accept this
  • I can aspire to and have a higher state of awareness and consciousness
  • It is all right for me to do this…
  • If you look at your fear and are able to being really with it, it’ll disappear. Just observe it, don’t fight it.
  • You are perfect, but there are barriers preventing you from experiencing and expressing your perfection.
  • The resistance leads to persistence. If you try to resist or change something it will become more solid.
  • The only way to get rid of something is to just let it be.
  • If you’re feeling tense and try to relax, you’ll feel more tense. If you have a headache and try to change it, it’ll continue as long you as try to change it.
  • Stop resisting and start observing. The things you work on persist.
  • When you fully experience something then the experience disappears and you’ll have a new one.

  • Let all ideas and beliefs you have of the mind go. Wipe the slate clean.
  • The mind has a record of millions of experiences from our past that unconsciously is influencing our behavior.
  • The purpose of the mind is the survival of the being or anything the being considers itself to be.
  • The ego is when the being starts to identify itself with the mind.
  • When you think you are the mind, the mind’s purpose becomes the –survival of the mind–.
  • When the purpose of the mind becomes the survival of the being ‘it thinks’ it is, then, the minds purposej becomes it’s –own survival.
  • That is what is called the ego. When the being identifies itself with the mind.
  • So now the purpose of the mind is not the –being—but… the mind itself.
  • All religions, philosophies and books are just the minds way of trying to prove itself right and dominate
  • From the moment of birth onwards we came under the influence of our mechanical mind.
  • From birth—everything we do is… stimulus response after stimulus response , etc.
  • We are machines.
  • Our lives are totally mechanical and stimulus response.
  • There’s no meaning—or goals, morals or ideals.
  • No control.
  • Tragedies are just tapes being played.
  • All drama is just your mind triggering off some past threat.
  • We spend our whole lives trying to find an escape from just admitting you’re a machine.
  • The mind feeds thoughts, like—too complex or doesn’t make any sense.
  • Every thought that’s popping into your head at this moment… just pops.
  • Unenlightened is:
    – A machine who doesn’t think he’s a machine
    – Always resisting and trying to control thing.

Enlightenment is:

  • Knowing and accepting you’re a machine
  • It’s say yes to what is
  • Taking what you get when you get it and not taking what you didn’t get
  • Always doing nothing but simply doing what you’re doing
  • Accepting what you are, what comes, what is and take what you get when you get it
  • Is fully experiencing whatever feelings come up and anything associated with them
  • Choosing what happens, when it happens
  • Knowing what you are and what you are not and knowing that’s perfect

You can release all the limitations of your machine mind by fully experiencing the feelings that are associated with them.

If we fear death, then we say yes to our fear of death, we choose our fear of death and fully experience it.

It may disappear and it may not.

If it disappears—say yes to its disappearing. If the fear remains—say yes to still having the fear.

Sometimes fears and barriers disappear and sometimes they don’t, but, your experience of them will.

You’re not the doer. You’re the source and creator of all you experience.

You’re a God, but what you, the individual entity bouncing around inside the big world you created, what you do is totally out of your control.

You’re the source of your experience but don’t have the least bit of control.

All you can do is choose what happens.

When you learn to want what you get—you get what you want.

It’s all a cosmic joke—you don’t ‘understand a joke’… you ‘get it’.

Human Beings = God, who being bored, must create games.

The natural flow of the universe is:
Being——–> Doing———–> Having

Most people define themselves by what they do—rather than by what they in fact are.

Your dull days will come whether or not you prepare for them.

Your high days will come only when you don’t prepare for them.

It’s about letting go of games that aren’t working.

Getting a release from taking your minds un-working games seriously.

In actuality, each of us, as the sole creator of our universe, is a God, and because we have created all, everything is as important as everything else.

When we’re fully in touch with what already is and accept what is—as more important than what isn’t… then all games are over. There’s nothing to do and nowhere to go, everything is perfect.

But we Gods get bored with this perfection. So we always end up pretending that something that isn’t—is more important than what is, and that’s a game.

When were fully in touch with what already is and accept what is as more important than what isn’t, then all games are over.

But we get bored again and decide again to start playing games.

Many God’s in mythology are always taking human form to play games.

As did Krishna and Shiva. Even Jesus is seen as God taking temporary human form.

The world is imaginary. The only question is who is going to do the imagining.

Most people passively absorb the imaginary structures and game rules of others.

The wise creates his own.

All games, all goals , all events are the creation of imagination.

You can accept the world as others have create it, accept their goals and rules and play their games, or you can consciously create your own.

In both cases—you and you alone are responsible for everything that happens to you.

The search for God, Enlightenment, Reality, Ultimate Truth, is an interesting game until it’s won.

Then once you grasp it you find that the game is over.

Then… if you marry your insight, you find that you’re living with illusion.

What humans want is interesting problems and games—no more, no less.

No pleasures, not truths, not moral codes, not a state of happiness, just interesting games.

Mind, body, spirit… all love games.

Even Monks and Mystics advancing along the path and make a sudden leap forward, discover that, “winning” loses its interest and they then slip back into the mountain-climbing up the path to score again.

The ones who reach the top and stay there don’t play the same games over and over. Their never bored and are continually creating entirely new universes.

Human life in any meaning sense is impossible without playing or without contest.

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